Who are we?

Established in 2020, PGT Design is a Perth-based product design collective, specialising in the production of RC parts, automotive parts and film equipment. That's all there is to it.


So how did this all begin?


Well, we actually started after our CEO got sick of breaking arms on his RC buggy. I mean, why spend $60 on three packs of Yokomo a-Arms, only for them to break! So, having pre-existing contacts in the manufacturing world, he sourced out a prototyping company he formerly worked with to produce him a pair of front suspension arms for the Yokomo YZ4SF buggy, the product which kicked off our company.


After developing other components for the buggy (which are currently being tested), we began to take the leap into Automotive parts and filmmaking gear. The rest? Well, that's history that's yet to come. We believe that improvement takes time, and that testing and quality assurance is crucial to the development of even the most basic of products.


So, if you've got the time, come and take a look at some of our wares.






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