04-04-2020 - PGT-LL01-72 Testing begins, Possible design revisions before release


We had a slight issue with the cutting of threads on our initial prototype, which well, would have been obvious to you if you saw the first image. But, I'm pleased to say that we managed to get the part re-cut and fitted to the car, ready for testing. Man, oh man does this piece look good.... and it looks so much better when fitted!

Now the intial impressions of the part so far is that whilst it fits, there's quite a few adjustments I need to make before final release. I'm going to put about 2500km on this part before I go ahead and make a revised piece. Originally I was also going to sell these in a Vibratory polish finish, but after seeing it in a raw machined look, I decided that I'll go that way. After all, the machining marks are sexy!


Now, the changes involve the placement of the orifices for the ports and for the butterfly valve itself. The TB diameter of the stock HFV6 throttle body is 72mm, but the butterfly valve itself is 2mm smaller, granting pretty good clearance. The height of the center hole itself, however is 3mm too high on the Y axis. We're planning on more appropriately aligning the hole to suit. It clears the throttle body and functions just fine, it just reduces the overall cross-sectional area of the intake. Not too bad when it comes to the testing of the concept of the spacer, but it's not good enough (at least for my liking) for a final product that will sell to the customer. I'm finnicky like that.


The spacings of the port holes also need some readjustment. At present they're set to 20mm, but I plan on widening this to 24mm from center to center. They're tapped to a depth of 1/2", making them compatible with the large majority of NPT fittings, but like with all NPT fittings, thread tape must be used.


The plans are also to add a 1mm, 70 degree taper to the outlet side of the TB spacer to smooth the laminar flow path a bit. I've also noticed that the air has to make a considerable "kick up" in the intake manifold, where a ridge in the casting causes the flow of air to become turbulent. I've seen a similar idea for the LFX coming from another manufacturer, and I'd like to get a hold of one of these Laminar flow fix parts to see if it'll be compatible with the LLT. It may improve the air velocity and keep a more consistent airflow path to the intake runners.


So now comes the long overdue testing phase. I'll be cutting out the center mufflers from the ute, and posting an exhaust clip fairly soon. Watch this space!

16-03-2020 - Hot off the CNC! PGT-LL01-72


So, in the light of some of the good news coming out of China, we've finally got our testing back on track. As such, we're about to receive our first ever auto part, the Intake manifold spacer for LLT engines.

can to the ute's engine to separate particulates from the intake oil vapor stream, thus decreasing the chances of carbon buildup on valves.


In further research on this front, I've seen that PCV ventilation is a crucial reason as to why Alloytecs throw timing chains. We may be considering developing a PCV ventilation adapter to equalise positive cranckase pressure between banks on the Alloytec. Watch this space for more information on this front as we continue to research this.



05-03-2020 - Website launch, product development and project:leo

It's about bloody time.


Today, the PGT Design website launches with desktop compatibility in place. Mobile page development will come soon, but for now we're focusing on getting eCommerce sorted through PayPal, and getting product development back underway despite the Resident Evil level Pandemic that's going on.


Speaking of that, sadly NCov-19 has pushed back the development cycle of pretty much all our products, with our main prototyping agency in Shenzhen finally re-opening as of this Monday. We're working on PGTA-LL01-72 (72mm Throttle body spacer with 3 NPT ports for HFV6 engines) and plan on testing this piece as soon as it arrives. And before you ask, No. I haven't stocked up on bog rolls. Coronavirus does not give you the shits. Drinking a Vietnamese coffee every morning before does.


Speaking of testing, i'll give you a little background on the test mule we use to test automotive gear on. Our automotive products get tested on my personal VE Holden Commodore SV6 Ute, known as project:leo. It's a daily driven vehicle with well over 230,000km on the body, and 75,000km on the engine. This car also features an LLT engine, which as far as parts are concerned, receives a lot less love and support compared to the LFX and LY7 HFV6 blocks.


I'm on the lookout for someone with an LY7 based V6 Commodore or Pontiac G8, to have a go at fitting the TB spacer to check for clearance on this engine. The dimensions should be the same, but I just want to double check for compatibility. For now the part is listed only for fitting to an LLT (So, Series 1.5 VE Commodores and early 5th Generation Camaros) but if the part is deemed compatible, we'll change the part code from LL01 to HF01 to signify its cross-generational compatibility.


We're also going to be working on an remote oil cooler block kit for HFV6 engines. This will replace you stock oil filter housing and will also come with a secondary block, containing the necessary connection for your Oil Pressure switch. This block runs inline from your "From engine" line, and comes in either M14x1.5 (for VZ LY7s) or M16x2.0 (for VE and VF V6 engines). We recommend you pair this with an LSx engine compatible remote oil filter kit. We will begin developing this when we get the ute back on the lift at DIY Garage.


As for the RC stuff, In our next order to the machinist's (In about six weeks or so) we'll be sending out for a pair of our rear Yokomo YZ-4SF arms for development. I made these arms because I got rear-ended by some gronk in a 1/8th scale buggy on Practice night a good six months ago. I know, it's been collecting dust, but I've been really enjoying the automotive stuff. But, I'm still keen to get the buggy back out on the track and into some proper testing and development.


The front arms have been updated where the Swaybar linkage screw hole now reflects a size between the diameter of the M2 screw minor and major bore sizes, meaning now the screw's got some more meat to bite into. Hooray for miscalculations! Gives me even more incentive to just get my finger out of my butt and buy a 3D printer.


Thanks for finally making it through that. Stay tuned for more news as it comes in. For now, It's back to the CAD program. Stay safe out there, and remember that despite it being a dead meme, if you dab when you sneeze, it could save a life. Have a good week.


- Beano

This part is made from 7075-T6 aluminium, and features three 1/8 NPT ports, allowing people who own LLT engines (or other alloytecs, once we determine accurate fitment... Watch this space) which allows you to add additional accessories to your vehicle. Whether you aim to protect your oil system, through the use of catch cans, or to add vacuum (or boost) actuated exhausts, boost controllers, methanol/nitrous oxide injection or indeed any other accessory that requires post-throttle-body access to the Intake manifold.


In my case, the spacer will be used to add a catch can and an active exhaust to the ute. In order to legally have a straight-pipe exhaust, bypass valves are needed in the rear mufflers to meet ADR compliance. Luckily, the HSV Maloo has said active mufflers available, and the benefit to these is that they're already ADR approved.


To also address the valve coking issue that's seen in Alloytecs, I'll also be adding a catch-

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