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16-03-2020 - Hot off the CNC! PGT-LL01-72


So, in the light of some of the good news coming out of China, we've finally got our testing back on track. As such, we're about to receive our first ever auto part, the Intake manifold spacer for LLT engines.

This part is made from 7075-T6 aluminium, and features three 1/8 NPT ports, allowing people who own LLT engines (or other alloytecs, once we determine accurate fitment... Watch this space) which allows you to add additional accessories to your vehicle. Whether you aim to protect your oil system, through the use of catch cans, or to add vacuum (or boost) actuated exhausts, boost controllers, methanol/nitrous oxide injection or indeed any other accessory that requires post-throttle-body access to the Intake manifold.


In my case, the spacer will be used to add a catch can and an active exhaust to the ute. In order to legally have a straight-pipe exhaust, bypass valves are needed in the rear mufflers to meet ADR compliance. Luckily, the HSV Maloo has said active mufflers available, and the benefit to these is that they're already ADR approved.


To also address the valve coking issue that's seen in Alloytecs, I'll also be adding a catch-

can to the ute's engine to separate particulates from the intake oil vapor stream, thus decreasing the chances of carbon buildup on valves.


In further research on this front, I've seen that PCV ventilation is a crucial reason as to why Alloytecs throw timing chains. We may be considering developing a PCV ventilation adapter to equalise positive cranckase pressure between banks on the Alloytec. Watch this space for more information on this front as we continue to research this.


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