17-05-2020 - PGT-LL01-72 Testing, Videos and a new CAD program!


Boy oh boy how long it's been since I've done an update. Almost six weeks now!


Well, firstly COVID-19's put a major dampener on my testing regimen, and with only limited reasons to go outdoors, I've simply relegated testing to whenever the hell I need to go out driving.


The VE's had a slight issue with throwing an ESP fault when acceleration creates a potential to break the rear wheels loose, so it's very possible that the rear speed sensors could very well be bricked. This isn't too much of a concern seeing as the few times I've been going for drives where it happens is when I'm out and about, doing stuff on my own. Don't want to anger the missus by driving like a dickhead when she's in the car, after all.


But in saying that, The spacer's working fantastically, and in fact, my revision 2 changes have now been made. with approximately 4,500km left to go in terms of testing, You won't see the revision 2 testing and machining commence for at least six to eight months at this rate. It's been holding up fine, and actually doing wonders for the sound of my exhaust. When you give the car the beans, the pipes give out a nice, meaty sound. I just need to get around to getting it on the hoist and make the changes to the exhaust. (Centre muffler delete, resonator relocation, actuator repairs and X-Pipe install)


I have also posted a video which showcases how the exhaust functions:

pretty neat, right?


There is a little bit of a rattle with the exhaust actuators on the count of the pipes being hella old, but this will get sorted on the hoist.


So, what about revision 2? Well, turns out I've hit a bit of a brick wall as far as CAD software is concerned. eMachineShop, you were a great program while you lasted, but Autodesk Inventor is by far a much more superior program. I've recently made the revision 2 improvements in Inventor to streamline the machinist RFQ process, because for some gosh-darned reason EMS doesn't render or export threads or usable GCode for CNC machines. Inventor seems to be a lot more compatible with what the machinist prefers, so I'll be going with that from now on. Not only that, Inventor also allows me to do a lot more complicated stuff, like filleting and chamfering on multiple planes. This will allow me to get smoothing for laminar flow sorted.


Expect CAD renderings to come through soon. For now, that's it for me.


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